Choosing business center equipment is an important decision for any hotel. While technology and costs are important to consider, going with the right company is just as important to streamline the process and leave you satisfied long after the equipment has been set up. As a company committed to providing value-added services, our mission is to help your hotel make informed decisions that will save time, money, and headaches down the road. Here are nine questions to ask before signing the dotted line. 

Important Items You Should be Aware of Before Signing a Business Center Agreement.  Do Not Get Caught In a Trap.

Transparency throughout the buying process, from getting accurate information to understanding all the options available to you, will ensure you make the right decision for the needs and budget of your property. In addition, by doing a bit of research into the industry and process, you’ll be able to make an educated decision and avoid a potentially disruptive and costly outcome.

Ask these questions:

1. Do you offer a fully managed solution? 

Some of our competitors charge extra for a fully managed solution; when in reality it is not. Here at TTI, we are automatically proactively monitoring, with our staff reaching out to your property whenever they see a potential issue. 

We don’t just take care of our software; we help fix any issue that could cause an inconvenience to your guest. In addition, we will speak directly to the hardware manufacturers and internet providers to help get you back up and running asap!

We take care of all software updates on the computer, not just ones related to our software. As a result, we can help you make sure guests are using the most up-to-date software out there.

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2. Can the software be removed with no extra or hidden charges?

Ensure that the managed business software can be removed at no charge if you want to change providers or repurpose your computers. Plus make sure the license is computer and not hotel specific. It is your equipment. When you work with TTI, there is no need to pay extra for that as long as you are current on your invoices.

3. What about annual support fees?

When comparing proposals, some companies may not include annual support fees, adding up to many thousands of dollars per year. In fact, some service providers may even force upgrades that you’ll be required to pay through these support fees, which were likely not included in the original agreement. 

Here at TTI, our annual support fees are included in the proposal upfront. In addition, our commitment to transparency guarantees that you know what you’re getting and what you’re paying for from day one. 

4. How many computers do we really need?

You want to ensure the equipment you order actually matches the needs of your property. Not only does TTI do a deep dive into your situation, asking questions such as: how many rooms does the property have? What is the size of the area? What is the brand standard? Etc., we also provide your team with a web portal to track usage to adjust accordingly. 

We develop a realistic figure for equipment and save your hotel money now and down the road.

5. Is the software secure?

Security is a key issue and one you should not take lightly. You’ll want to make sure some major hotel brands approve your provider’s software. This way, you are secure in the knowledge that guest privacy information is protected and viruses are eliminated. Brands have stringent requirements that their vendors need to adhere to, and pre-approved providers can give you peace of mind. We also recommend asking for references. 

6. How customizable are your hotel business center solutions?

The look and feel of the computer are more important now than ever.  With many properties locating these services directly in the lobby space, these screens must look like something created just for your hotel and not an off-the-shelf product.  Here at TTI, we offer the most customization options to match the look and feel you are aiming for, with more features than anyone else, Windows, Macs, and tablets. Our systems also offer the ability to limit non-guests, collect emails, customizable timers, and more makes us the most flexible solution out there.

Learn more about TTI’s Business Center Solutions >>

7. Can you offer a full desktop experience for guests?

Other solutions may only offer a restrictive shell; however, TTI offers a full desktop environment while still providing important security against control panel access and other administrative features. Our software allows the guest to use the desktop of the computer like they would at home. By allowing access to a normal desktop, guests can use all native applications to meet their traveling needs, including web conferencing, messenger services, and business-level applications.

8. What about mobile printing?

With the growing use of mobile technology, you’ll want to be sure your systems can fully accommodate the needs of all your guests. For example, many guests now travel with mobile devices and often need to print a document or boarding pass from their phone. TTI’s mobile printing can be tied in with your Business Center or a self-standing model with a tablet by your printer.  Guests send documents to a branded email address, receive an 8 digit security code that they can then enter to the Business Center app or tablet, preview their documents and print only the pages they desire. TTI even offers a QR code that can provide instructions and open an email.

Our system does not require the guest to go to another company’s website and find the printer.

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9. Are you ready for a more valuable solution for your hotel’s business center?

Consolidation in the Business Center sector has dramatically reduced the number of companies that supply solutions. As a result, we are often asked the question from potential new customers why use TTI.  After over a decade of operating within the hospitality industry, TTI has designed the newest version of our managed hotel business center software solutions and lobby computers to fit the growing needs of your property. Combining the familiar desktop atmosphere, a new look, and the tools to provide concierge services and advertising revenue, TTI has placed the power in your hands with a fully transparent process. Besides being in business since 1991, we are continually chosen by hotels, management companies, brands, and REITS and look forward to serving you, as well!

You want to not only ensure the space and equipment are designed to fit the growing needs of your property but that you also fully understand the service commitment, have a clear line of communication with your service provider, and can fully customize the systems based on your needs. 

TTI Technologies is a Marriott and IHG approved vendor but can meet the brand requirements for virtually all major brands plus independent hotels.

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