Be Smart- Spend Wisely-And Choose Your Business Center Provider Carefully!

September 20, 2017 – New York, NY – The hospitality industry’s offering for Business Centers is changing rapidly.  “Let’s face facts,” Says Steve Blidner CEO of TTI. “Business centers are still a viable commodity. However, the needs of guests have and continue to change.  Make sure your provider has the capability to keep up with these changes. Never get locked into a single platform solution.”

Blidner offers these guidelines for choosing your business center provider: “Research the hardware carefully; make certain you are purchasing a recent model CPU, and not a discontinued one. Consumer equipment is not designed to be on 24 X 7, and will not be suitable for a business center environment. Purchase business grade machines that include the latest operating systems. Windows 10 has many enhancements including upgraded security protection.  Proper configured systems will last years longer than the everyday bargain computers.  Check and double check equipment pricing to avoid paying excessive mark-ups.”

Blidner further details the 4 major points Hoteliers should be considering in choosing and revamping their business centers:

  1. Carefully review your agreement. Be leery of clauses that enable the vendor to charge more for after hours or additional support services.   Your annual support fee should cover all of that.
  2. Make sure you have different software options to choose from. Hotels have different demographics.   One platform cannot address the needs of all hotels.
  3. Make sure your agreement has a termination clause in the event of poor service. That will increase pressure on the vendor to keep up their standards.
  4. Check references carefully. Not just from the vendor.  Ask around.

Blidner concludes “Due diligence will save you money, aggravation, and avoid unnecessary guest complaints.”


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