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The Cloud Printing Experience with ePRINTit™

As more hotel guests travel with their laptop and mobile devices, having access to reliable and secure mobile printing is a necessary hotel service. ePRINTit’s Cloud Printing Solution for Hospitality is the most powerful Cloud processing system in the world, deployed across thousands of properties and used by over 15 million people worldwide.

For more than 8-years, the ePRINTit™ Cloud Print service has processed millions of documents weekly. Guests are relying upon ePRINTit™ to print their documents for work, education, travel, meetings, and much more! With ePRINTit, you give your guests the ability to print their documents from any device to any designated printer at the hotel business center, hallways, executive rooms and lounges, or at the front desk.

The Cloud Printing Experience with ePRINTit™

ePRINTit™ enables mobile guest printing directly from the guest’s mobile device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) to designated printers at your property. Guests can print by emailing documents to a printer’s unique email address, uploading documents to a web printing portal via URL, or by using one of the mobile printing apps available for iOS and Android devices without having to download and install printer drivers or connecting to the network! ePRINTit™ uses a secure release code system to keep all documents private. After a document is sent for printing, a release code is sent back to the user which they use to release their documents. Documents not released are never printed, helping to eliminate paper waste and your guest’s security.


Why ePRINTit™ and What Makes Us Different?

• Easy to use for non-technical guests
• The only mobile solution that gives you all the print options the customer wants on screen
• Multiple print orders at once by any send method
(Mobile App/Email/Web)
• No print driver mapping (works with any default printer)
• Works from any PC device
• Easily charge guests with our e-commerce and m-commerce solutions without expensive “add on hardware”
• Mobile App’s in the language of the customer’s choice
• Significantly faster than competitors, processing high quality, optimized, and encrypted print ready files.
• Dramatic speed improvements using document compression benefiting in slow Internet areas.
• One email address or one Partner name in ePRINTit’s mobile app gets you to every single enabled printer in your fleet of hotels
• Your hotel is branded for you in our app and on the return email with a PIN code
• ePRINTit is the only solution that connects the enterprise customer with the public printer using our ePRINTit Infinity App*
• Wireless printing from a Concierge’s tablet direct to a printer. Guests will feel like VIP’s!
• Inexpensive solution for executive suites print in room connected to their own mobile device
• Behind the counter solution with embedded software. Simply enter code from guest and documents print behind the counter.
*Requires the corporate customer to have ePRINTit or UniPrint License installed within their company with secure access to public print locations when they are out. Live,

How Does Cloud Printing Work?