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The hotel business is changing. According to Travel Weekly News, 6% of intended travelers have canceled due to fear. Hotels today face the unique challenge of pre­serving hospitality while protecting the guest. TTI Technologies understands this….and knows how to fulfill that challenge.

TTI Technologies announces Authenticate Scan2PMS:

The secure way to verify who is staying at your property

Fully compatible with most property management systems!

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TTI’s ID scanning solution (Scan2PMS), increases staff productivity, adds security, reduces administration costs, and improves guest satisfaction.

Authenticate includes an advanced software algorithm that while scanning the ID compares the T1 and T2 Barcodes in the back to the information on the front (often times fake IDs will not match) it then compares the data against the templates to look for even minor modifications. A pop-up window then displays if the ID has passed or failed and if it fails tells you what failed in a message in the pop-up.

  • Authenticate verifies IDs and Passports to ensure they are valid and not fraudulent
  • Prevent Charge-backs with Captured Guest Images for Proof of Stay
  • Easily identify guests with the saved images even if they forget their ID

What customers have to say about Scan2PMS

Initially we purchased ID/Passport scanners to add a layer of protection against fraudulent activity. Having the ID scanned into our system helps to verify identities and reduces exposure with respect to credit card disputes. Now that we have them installed, we are equally impressed with the efficiency they create during the check-in process and the ease of data collection to enhance our marketing database.

Rob Robinson

General Manager, Pacific Beach Hotel

Very Impressed We have been searching for a passport/driver’s license scanner for some time. Based on our existing relationship with TTI for our automated business center, we gave TTI’s Scan2PMS solution a try. We were very impressed with the ease of operation and functionality. The installation was performed in a timely manner without interrupting the front desk personnel. We have since installed Scan2PMS in two other hotels and will add the scanners to the rest of our properties in the near future. Glenn Isaacs

Vice President, Empire Hotel Group


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TTI Technologies

TTI Technologies International has been delivering innovative applications since 1991 serving hotels, resorts, hotel management companies, hostels, colleges, government agencies, airports, and night clubs around the world. TTI’s technology includes ID and passport Scanners with ID Verification, Business Centers, Free Boarding Pass Stations, Concierge Kiosks, Flight Information Systems with Digital Displays, and Lobby Tablets. With an international headquarters in New York City, and satellite offices across the United States, Europe and Mumbai, TTI is well equipped to anticipate and deliver exceptional service. For more information, visit or contact us at +1-646-218-2700 Ext. 3



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