If you are traveling and need access to a printer, many hotels offer free printing services at the front desk or in business solution centers. With more and more people bringing tablets and other mobile devices with them when traveling, especially for business, access to secure reliable mobile and cloud-based printing is a hotel necessity. Here is how to use free printing at a hotel.

Whether you need to print documents for a meeting, an itinerary, or even a boarding pass, hotels usually have designated printers for guests. Cloud based, public printing solutions such as ePRINTit, offers public printer services that allows hotel guests to print and pay on the go for all documents or use free printing at the hotel, included in the price of the stay.

How does cloud-based printing work?

Cloud-based printing enables guests to print directly from their mobile device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) to designated printers at the specific location (ie: a hotel).

Guests can print by emailing documents to the printer’s unique email address, uploading documents to a web printing portal via URL, or by using one of the mobile printing apps available for iOS and Android devices without having to download and install printer drivers or connecting to the network. Hotels offering cloud-based printing also use a managed service in the business center in which the printer is on the same network.

ePRINTit uses a secure release code system to keep all documents private.

Cloud-based printing

After a document is sent for printing, a release code is sent back to the user which they use to release their documents. This can leave the guest at ease if they used managed services, as the info printed will be secure and encrypted. Documents not released are never printed, helping to eliminate paper waste and your guest’s security.

Many times, hotel guests attempt to print something but cannot find the wireless printer via their wi-fi. A guest will not be able to see a printer from their mobile device due to security reasons.

How to know if a hotel offers cloud-based printing?

To know if a hotel offers the secure cloud-based printing services, ask the front desk. Prior to arrival at the hotel, you can download the ePRINTit app. Through the app you can see which hotels participate in the mobile printing program.


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