Changing Business Center Landscape, Independents Value the TTI Partnership, Stability, and Longevity

TTI Technologies is changing business center landscape. Unparalleled 24/7 Support, Service, Flexible Implementation Plans, and Windows 10 enhanced benefits with proven compatibility

A TTI exclusive, offering beautiful software for iMacs including a Dual Boot from a Desktop PC.

Changing Business Center

“A TTI exclusive, offering beautiful software for iMacs including a Dual Boot from a Desktop PC.

October 25, 2016 – The hospitality industry’s tech vendor Business Center landscape is changing rapidly. For many hotels, particularly independents, this can bring challenges. “In the age of acquisition, vendor transition often means working with an unfamiliar support team, entering into a new software license agreement, and in some cases non Windows 10 compatibility and changing out an existing operating system. None of this benefits a hotel or its guests. A reliable business center platform is an integral part of hotel management operations. Vendor stability is essential.” Said Steve Blidner CEO of TTI. “Interruption in vendor service are serious matters that detract from the business of running a hotel. Reliance on a stable hotel business center system from a trusted tech provider with 24/7 support is important for independents. Many of our clients have been with us for more than 15 years. We feel this is the result of great products, our high level of continually expanding support, creative up to date platforms and the long-term value of TTI as a wise business investment. TTI’s version upgrades are included in our annual support at no additional cost and always have been.”

“Our hotels asked and we listened”, says Blidner, to provide a new look at alternatives to the traditional Business Center and other ways to meet the technology needs of their guests. “We have been providing Hospitality Technology since 1991 and embrace the advent of tablets, cell phones and all the devices that have changed our daily work life” said Blidner.

The Empire Hotel Group in New York City is a 15-year TTI client. Glenn Isaacs, Vice President said, “We use TTI for front desk ID scanning at check in and the TTI Business Center Portal for all of our Business Center needs. We have been very happy with how TTI’s support team responds to questions. They are always available and this is a big help to keep our operation running smoothly.”

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