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Consolidation in the Business Center sector has dramatically reduced the number of companies who supply solutions.   We are often asked the question from potential new customers why use TTI.   Besides being in business since 1991, the following are the major reasons why we are continually chosen by hotels, management companies, brands and REITS.

When comparing business center products you will find that most provide the basic function of clearing guest information between users and 24/7 customer support, but at TTI we look to provide more.  Here are some key features that make us stand out from the rest of the pack:

1. Full desktop environment for guests, not a restrictive shell. 
a. While still providing important security against control panel access and other administrative features, our software allows the guest to use the desktop of the computer like they would at home.
b. By allowing access to a normal desktop, guests can use all native applications to meet their traveling needs including web conferencing, messenger services, and business level applications.
2. Fully managed solution.
a. Proactive monitoring with our staff reaching out to your property whenever they see a potential issue.  Don’t let the guests be the one to alert you to any problems.
b. We don’t just take care of our software; we help work to fix any issue that could cause an inconvenience to your guest.  We will speak directly to the hardware manufacturers and internet providers to help get you back up and running asap!
c. We take care of all software updates on the computer, not just ones related to our software.  Make sure guests are using the most up to date software out there.
3. The most customizable solution in the industry!
a. Available on Windows, Macs, and tablets.
b. The look and feel of the computer is more important now than ever.  With many properties locating these services directly in the lobby space it’s important that these screens look like something created just for your hotel, and not an off the shelf product.  We offer the most customization options to match the look and feel you are aiming for.
c. More features than anyone else.  Ability to limit non-guests, collect emails, customizable timers and more makes us the most flexible solution out there.

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Steve Blidner

TTI’s Founder and CEO

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