Leverage Technology and Get Rid of Undesirable Hotel Guests

Hotels are continuing to leverage technology and update their safety and contactless check-in processes for their employees and guests.  By utilizing ID and Passport Scanners, safety and operational processes allows for quick and touchless check-ins.

With great software to accommodate the scanners, not only do they provide safety for employees and hotel guests, they also help to streamline operations and provide security at the front desk.

Create a Hotel Guest Blacklist

If a guest does not pay, damages your hotel, or does not follow the procedures of your hotel, then place them on your “Do Not Rent” list.  When you “Blacklist” a guest, and that ID is presented again, a POP Up will show up and say why the person was designated as “Do Not Rent”.

This helps protect your staff and avoid future operational issues.

You can also export and share the information with your sister hotels.

Leverage Technology

TTI Technologies Scanner Solutions

Easily Search Guests by Name or ID

Each time an ID or passport is scanned, it is stored and captured, eliminating the need for making photocopies.  This new utility will allow you to find the IDs with simple search criteria, like name, ID etc.

If a guest loses their keycard, the process provides increased security and easier confirmation when issuing a new keycard.  Also, this helps dispute chargebacks by providing accurate guest information and ID confirmation of someone who stayed at your hotel.

Assist with Contact Tracing

If you have Covid-19 related issues, you can trace guests more easily with confirmed and accurate contact information.

As hotels continue to leverage technology and streamline their check-in processes, consider the added benefit of upgraded software to your ID or Passport Scanner.

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