The LobbyTablet™ built on the Microsoft Surface tablet, offers endless options. The brilliant high definition display and lightweight design make this tablet easy to use and difficult to put down.

Lobby Tablets

The 21st Century’s next step

  • Capture the attention of your Millennial Guests.
  • Preserve quality staff hours.
  • Promote property outlets & push information.
  • Integrate with other online vendors.
  • Increase guest satisfaction.
  • Replace paper with technology; maximize your environmental position.

Lobby Tablets

Lobby Tablets allow guests to:

  • Search the web
  • Find restaurants
  • Purchase tickets
  • Map the City
  • Push Promotions to your Guests
  • … and so much more!

Lobby Tablets

TTI’s proprietary Hospitality Software on the Microsoft Surface Tablet protects guests, and hotels, by wiping the tablet clean after each use

Beautifully customizable, the design allows hoteliers to present its property’s amenities, add quick links that take guests to sites you select while allowing guests the ability to access Free Boarding Pass software that prints to your designated wireless printer

Fun and convenient for guests to check email, explore social networks, get and print directions

Exciting, colorful, and safe tablet holders at great pricing, enhancing your properties decor

Lobby Tablets Lobby Tablets

Return on Investment

With TTI Technologies Lobby Tablet you’ll increase guest satisfaction, heighten customer loyalty, create sustainability, grow revenue to outlets and expand brand awareness. TTI Technologies

Lobby Tablets provides your property with a greater reach into each guest stay.  “U.S. millennials plan to spend about $226 billion this year on travel” According to a recent Harris Poll survey, “Millennials number more than 75 million in the U.S. and this year, the Census Bureau projects they will surpass baby boomers as the nation’s largest generation. The one item this new band of travelers cannot travel without is WiFi / Connectivity.”

TTI’s Lobby Tablets allow these self-sufficient, on-the-go travelers the ability to discover new things, both in your locale and on your property – and do so quickly.

TTI’s Lobby Tablet Features:

Ease of Use

  • Familiar Navigation
  • Auto Reset between Guest Visits
Q: Will guest information on the tablet be removed after each guest use?

A: Yes. Each Lobby Tablet will both automatically reset and restore. All prior guest information will be removed. Each Lobby Tablet has TTI’s Hospitality or Free Boarding Pass software and will automatically wipe clean all history, logins, passwords and files after the guest logs out or if there is inactivity for a couple minutes. The tablet is wiped clean so the guest information and tablet are safe.

Q: May we purchase any tablet/brand?

A: The Lobby Tablet is a windows based application and currently works with the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Q: May we physically lock-down the Lobby Tablet?

A: Options are available, and is up to our hotel partners to decide how they wish to present the Lobby Tablet. In our experience, usage is higher if guests are permitted to use the tablet freely. Additionally, if guests stay longer in your lobby accessing the Lobby Tablet you increase the likelihood of them taking advantage of more hotel offerings. TTI has partnered with a company that makes beautiful and secure enclosures that can help prevent your tablet being stolen. Some hotels prefer to have the cover and keyboard when using in restricted areas such as a Club Lounge. Don’t be misled by firms offering software that won’t work if removed from the Wi-Fi network. That does not prevent the tablet from being taken only makes it so it won’t work as designed.

Q: If the hotel’s wireless system goes down or experiences issues, will the tablet automatically pick up the signal when it’s back on?

A: Yes. The tablets are programmed to continuously look for the signal.

The new Lobby Tablets are beautiful, they are great for our guests  and enhance the décor in our hotel lobby. TTI staff were great to work with.

General Manager, Domitille Montoro Hotel Union Square San Francisco

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