The Carnegie Hotel Modernizes its Business Center Solution with Microsoft Surface Pros Tablets

January 23, 2018 – New York, NY – The use of tablet computers has exploded in recent years, with good reason: Tablets are fantastically powerful business tools, which is why more and more businesses are turning to them for their everyday IT needs.  Tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pros also provide space saving technologies and a pleasing user experience; which is why they are the platform of choice at the Carnegie Hotel in New York

Microsoft Surface Pros

The Carnegie Hotel is a modern and intimate boutique NYC hotel for the discerning business traveler. With an atmosphere of polished elegance, fine architecture, and custom designed Italian furnishings, the typical business center would not be suitable.


Microsoft Surface Pros



Guests, who require business center applications such as printing boarding passes, are issued by the front desk a Microsoft Surface Pros. Hotel guests are free to roam and vacate the lounge and lobby areas while staying connected to a wireless printer. LoJack is installed to remotely keep track of the tablet if the need arises.

Smaller Spaces are easily handled using Tablets instead of Traditional PC’s

Julio Vargas, General Manager of The Carnegie Hotel remarked “We are extremely happy with the creative solution that TTI provided us, as are our guests.  We are delighted to partner with a company that understands our needs. “

Steve Blidner CEO of TTI states, “Business centers are still a service hotels need to provide, however, environments and guest requirements continue to change.  Space has become an issue in many properties which opens the door to utilize these great new technologies.”

TTI provides systems that allow guests to quickly access Boarding Passes, Social Networks, Email, Concierge Services and other functions. The company is harnessing the popularity of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablets that can also mount on various surfaces in beautiful enclosures that are easy to access.

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