Business centers can be a great way for hotels to produce some extra profits. By offering free usage of the business center, hotels can bring in new guests and keep current guests happy.

Tips for Profiting from Business Center Software

Below are four ways to make money with your free-to-guest Business Center software.

Post Guest Promotions

One way to entice guests to use the business center is to promote special offers only available to those who use the business center. This can be a great way to bring in new guests and increase loyalty among your current guests.

Glenn Isaacs, Vice President-Empire Hotel Group in NYC says, “We have used TTI as our exclusive business center solution provider for years; here’s why. Their new software module, TTI Access Portal prompts the guest for their e-mail. If entered we send them our hotel offers and promotions.

Marketing to existing guests is a powerful channel for us. 

We are provided a source of fresh data that we know to be accurate. Not only have we increased our room sales at our properties, but we are also now able to bypass the OTAs in many cases thereby earning us more money”, says Mr. Isaacs. “We have our own web portal where we download the e-mails effortlessly.  Between TTI’s customer service and their software innovations, why would you want to use anyone else?”

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Enhancing the Guest Experience Ensures Repeat Business

Another way to profit from your business center is to ensure that the guest experience is excellent is by providing a safe and easy-to-use solution.

Here’s an example.

One can only imagine how busy the lobby area must be at the Holiday Inn Manhattan conveniently located only blocks from the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Wall Street, One World Trade Center, and the New York Stock Exchange. With outside walking traffic totaling 10,000 people at any given time, the TTI Access Portal was installed because of the extensive traffic in and out of the lobby.

Each guest receives a password for their exclusive use. Password protection prevents use by the public.

Gregg Riley, Regional Director of Operations of Crestline Resorts said, “my staff had to constantly monitor the lobby business center workstations so it could be reserved for guest usage and eliminate the public use by non-guests. It was costly in time and labor as well as unhappy guests.” TTI to the rescue with the TTI Access – a simple yet powerful solution.

Innovations Personalized for Your Guest

Personalized experiences with enhanced ease-of-use for guests are some of the easiest ways to ensure they have a great stay and want to come back.

At a number of Ritz Carltons, we were asked to provide Tech Pods that included 23” VESA mounted All-in-One computers and were placed in what were previously phone booths with doors.

This provided their customers with a private place to do work or have a video conference call in private.

The booths have a shelf that can hold a wired keyboard and mouse and underneath is a small monochrome laser printer. The computers have webcams and because of the privacy of the Pod with a door (glass window that is stenciled with Tech Pod) Guests can work and have a video meeting in confidence.

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High Tech; High Touch Generates Amenity Revenue

Tech bars are a great way to provide guests with a unique experience and can be a great source of revenue for hotels.

For example, some of the hotels we partner with have added Tech Bars in an area of the lobby by the bar so that guests can access email and social networks while having a cocktail or snack with friends.

The Marriott Tysons uses TTI’s Macbook Pro Retina with our Free to Guest software but no printing ability. It has been in use for several years and the guests love it.

The goal is to allow guests to socialize and enjoy the lobby.

Guest Facing Technology, or as others call it, guest experience management, is becoming an integral component as part of hotel management because it is the underlying support base for enhanced guest service. Hotels are now able to prioritize this type of enhanced guest experience with the right technological tools from TTI Technologies.

An innovative business center application gives the hotel complete control over access to usage. No PMS integration is required. Make money with your business center.

Free-to-Guest Technology Facing Software gives you back control of your open-access Business Center. The benefits will return your costs quickly.

We have been providing Hospitality Technology since 1991 and embrace the advent of tablets, cell phones, and all the devices that have changed our daily work life. We’ve released new solutions that focus on what guests still want out of business centers, such as boarding pass printing and support for business presentations while allowing the hotel to promote its amenities, services, and partners.

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