How to Reduce Contact at the Front Desk

Hotels around the country are beginning to reopen and provide their guest with a safe, secure environment while still providing the hospitality that they have earned their reputations for over the years.  A key concern as they clean, sanitize and secure is the check-in process.

Both Hotel Guests and Associates want a Quick, Contactless Check In:

  • Hotel Front Desk staff are required to check IDs but do not want to handle the ID or wear gloves to touch Reduce Contact at Front Deskthem
  • Guest have seen that even at restaurants they often have to scan their own credit card and prefer that.
  • Both want a fast and convenient check-in with no hassles

Reducing contact at the hotel front desk is key to maintaining social distancing and reducing risk.

Here are a few ideas you can implement, with or without the help of technology:

Ways to Reduce Contact at the Hotel Front Desk:

  1. Reduce use of room keys and encourage guests to use the hotel’s app with electronic room key. Most major brands have this option available, if the individual hotel has made the necessary upgrades.
  2. Install ID Scanner that allows guests to scan their own ID in an easy to use scanner that fills in much of the guest information in seconds. ID Scanning is also a great way to speed up the check in process, improve the quality of your data and provide the security of saving a picture of the ID in the event of lost room keys or charge-backs, that particularly now, can destroy profits. The Scan2PMS ID & Passport Scanner from TTI Technologies is a cost effective and easy to implement solution.
  3. Improve digital (and print) signage to provide clear instruction.  Some examples of signage include directional (where to go), transportation options, what is open/not open and the hours of operations, and social distancing signage like those provided by Guest Care Solutions.
  4. Incorporate a signature capture device.  (A total paperless check-in is also better for the environment!)

Let’s work together to keep both hotel guests and associates safe so we can get back to what we do best – TRAVEL!


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