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Providing up to the minute information to guests and more:

June 26, 2018 – New York, NY – Save your cell phone battery. There’s something much more visually appealing to distract you in hotel lobbies these days. They are digital screens, and tablets that hotels are using to draw guests out of their rooms and into the lobbies to learn more about the property and surrounding neighbourhood.

The Skyline Hotel gives travelers something they can’t get on their own devices: insider information about the hotel, customized tips on restaurants and attractions, works by local artists, photos of guests at other properties around the world, and more. Their digital displays welcome guests, show current weather and event schedules, advertise concierge services and promote hotel services. The displays also show promotions for their on-site dining and retail outlets to drive sales, advertise special offers and discounts, and increase customer engagement.

Mark Hurewitz, General Manager of the Skyline Hotel states “A great guest experience requires engagement. TTI’s Premier Information Board gives us a modern, dynamic and imminently flexible way to show guests that we are focused on their needs.”

“Product Innovation is one of the reasons for our continued growth and success,” says Steve Blidner, CEO of TTI. “We found a way using our existing Business Center Platform to deliver all the value add that comes with this digital signage application, thus saving thousands! The Information Board offers hotel guests; a self-help option to navigate property facilitates and quickly find what they’re looking for with an interactive directory,” says Blidner.

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