SUMMER 2018 — WEEK FIVE New York



Anastasia is interning at American Deadstock, a small online vintage company that sells unused, unworn vintage clothing from the 1980s—early 2000s. The company motto is zero waste, humanity, and transparency. “American Deadstock recognizes the importance of maintaining an image as an environmentally conscious brand.” Anastasia has worked on an array of projects which include designing new sustainable packaging methods, casting models for photoshoots, work-ing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), organizing inven-tory, and preparing a pitch deck for the company’s venture capital interests. So far, her favorite project at American Deadstock was being a casting director for a photoshoot lo-cated in a cemetery with the theme of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. “I loved being able to recruit models that I thought were the best fit for the business’ clothing.”

TTI was launched in 1991 by Steve Blidner as a telecommu-nications and Internet provider. The company has since grown millions of dollars in revenue and now offers more than a dozen solutions –all of which were developed by lis-tening to customer’s needs in their quest for operational efficiency. TTI was one of the first to install public Internet kiosks in the NY area. Thousands of hotels daily depend on TTI’s intuitive business centers, kiosk solutions and ID scan-ners for the hospitality industry. With their corporate head-quarter in New York and satellite offices across the globe, they are well equipped to anticipate and deliver exceptional service. “TTI Technologies is committed to providing value added services with a fresh and leading edge approach.”

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