Hotel business centers are still an active component of hotel lobbies. As more people are working remotely, and from hotels, it is not feasible to carry around a printer to be able to get work done.

Some older model computers are found to be incompatible with current technology and applications. As many capex improvements have been put on the back burner, TTI Technologies is giving hotels the opportunity to upgrade to a Windows 10 computer by trading in their old Windows 7 (or 8) computer with a credit of up to $200 per computer.

TTI Technologies

We are Marriott and IHG Approved

To be eligible for the trade-in program, the hotel must be a new customer and leverage the required software offered by TTI Technologies to maintain the business center equipment and ensure proper security protocols. Guest data is protected by deletion of customer files, downloads and passwords after each use. Additional security measures include PCI compliance and blacklisting of inappropriate sites. As approved vendors for both Marriott International and IHG Hotels and Resorts, we can assure that brand standards are adhered to.

To determine if your hotel is eligible for the trade-in program, please complete this form and we will get back to you. The program is available until May 31, 2021.

Whatever your needs, TTI Technologies will offer you the best solution with excellent pricing
and best in class service. We care about our customers. Find out why the industry continues to switch to us.


About TTI Technologies

TTI Technologies, based in New York City, has been innovating technology in the hospitality industry for thirty years. TTI Technologies takes pride in delivering global hospitality technology solutions that bridge the gap between technology and human interaction to allow your staff focus on serving guests. Sample technology solutions include ID/passport scanners, business centers, mobile printing, lobby tablets, and in room devices. All customizable to your venue. For more information, visit their website, follow them on LinkedIn or call at 646-218-2700.

Have a Windows 7/8 hotel business center machine? Read about our trade-in program! Learn more
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