Do I Need to Upgrade my Hotel Business Center from Windows 7 Now?

Microsoft announced that they are no longer supporting Windows 7 Operating System.  So what exactly does that mean?  To sum it up, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or send patches for the OS.  If at some point machines and PCs operating Windows 7 become vulnerable, they will not accept support calls for the operating system or older machines.

But, do not feel rushed or feel pressure to upgrade to Windows 10 immediately.

If your hotel is still using Windows 7, upgrading your business center software can be costly.  At the same time, your hotel wants to continue to enhance the experience of today’s tech-savvy traveler.  Today’s travelers are consistently connected and having a modern business center that provides the technologies necessary for work or pleasure is now a sought after amenity.

Although with Microsoft announcing that it is not supporting Windows 7, it is still a great operating system and they just completed a round of security updates a few weeks back.

It is not necessary at this time to replace it because there are software solutions to continue to use 7 safely. 

TTI Technologies provides a software system that layers over the operating system.  Our business center software is currently not known to be less secure than Windows 10 for our system and will continue to update our software for both Windows 7 and 10.

If your hotel is still using Windows 7, you can continue to provide guests with quality business centers.

Our team will offer you the best tech solutions for your hotel and not force you into an untimely upgrade.  Yes, at some point, you will need to upgrade to enhance the guest experience.

As a new customer, we can support your existing hardware with Windows 7 or 8. Then, when you do decide to upgrade to Windows 10, we will not charge you a duplicate fee for a software license. Our same software functions on all Windows versions seamlessly.

Contact us if you want to discuss future upgrades and a timeline to properly align your future needs and budget.

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