Visions of a New or Temporary Front Desk

As we wait for brands to provide operational guidance on the new front desk, operators need answers now.  Owners and operators are asking themselves:

  • How can we create a no-contact environment?
  • How can we keep both guests and employees safe?
  • How can we simplify check-in without removing our hospitality?

Cash flows have taken a huge hit, so any development project to redesign a new front desk is out of the question.  With that said, here is a new “makeshift” approach that would require some hardware, but not a whole new system.

New Hotel Front Desk

A separate table with ID Scanner and Credit Card Machine will allow the hotel front desk team to ensure no contact and continue social distancing

  • Take that extra credenza that is laying in the hallway and place in front of your existing front desk
  • Place ID Scanner and Credit Card reader on the credenza
  • Front desk staff and guests could still interact with a 6 foot spacing
  • Front Desk Clerk would bring up reservation or walk in screen and tell guest when to Scan ID
  • Scanning would fill in the reservation and meet the requirement to show an ID
  • Clerk would alert guest when to swipe credit card to complete check in
  • Front desk staff to place keys on opposing front desk that guests can pick up on the way to their room
  • Wipe down ID Scanner and Credit Card reader. Repeat!

No one knows what this post-pandemic world will look like.  But, as hotels respond to the operational changes, TTI can assist with the ID Scanner technology to streamline the new front desk.

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